Discover the Goddess Within

You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime to discover the goddess – the divine feminine – that is within you. She is the source of love and life that so many women have become disconnected from; by rediscovering her you awaken your own personal treasure – the secrets to your life’s great love and happiness.


1- The To Be A Woman 31 Essences Book

2- 31 Signature Essence WorQbooks

3.The ‘Write to Heal’ Sacred Program

This is all you really need for the answers you seek to all your prayers; it’s all you need to live the life your soul desires.

If you would like more guidance, I’ve created two exquisite monthly memberships which help you accentuate your ability to express the goddess within you and to navigate the day-to-day difficulties and chaos that life often throws our way which opens the doors to growth and renewal:

  1. The Moon & Me: Your secret weapon to riding and loving the wave of life amidst the emotional drama
  2. The Goddess Salon: The secret society where sexiness, bliss and spirituality meet in a powerful way!

But, your journey of discovery comes first. Let’s get you started:




This is your guidebook. Each day as you open it, the Essence that is most important for you in that moment is revealed. As you read this Essence and allow its insights to come to light, you receive clarity for that day’s journey. With each day, you discover more of who you really are and how to live your happiest self.



To Be A Woman WorQbook: Permission2. NEXT, CHOOSE ONE OF 31 SIGNATURE ESSENCE WORQBOOKS that take you on each leg of your journey. Start with The Essence of Permission WorQbook, as you give permission to your full journey to unfold.

The ‘Q’ in ‘worQbook’ symbolizes your inner journey and the spiritual worq you do for yourself. This worQbook captures and impacts all areas of your life, purposely, including LOVE, YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE, MONEY, WORK, FAMILY & FRIENDS.  Each offers daily guidance and wisdom. They are the ‘map’ I use to direct you day-by-day on your personal journey.

The thread of life in each Signature Essence WorQbook awakens you to the magic of your soul. The progress you make when worqing with these worqbooks is undeniable.



3. THE ‘WRITE TO HEAL’ PROGRAM: The thoughts and emotions you carry have consequences. The Write to Heal Program opens and awakens your understanding of your own power to release what no longer supports you.

You write to get rid of the trapped negatives that are in your mind, in your body, or simply when you catch yourself in a negative action. You write to feel better, lighter, clearer. You write to create a sacred space within you.

You write to get to your truth.

Once you have the formula to write, you will be able to awaken the pathway to your wisdom, your knowing, and spiritual grace that is a continuous thread of love and light that feeds and enlightens you. Eventually, you will then write to connect and listen to your soul. As all the answers are within you.


With these tools I guide you every step of the way through your self-discovery.

If you would like to take this journey with other women for added support along your way, we encourage that! We call those, “Circles of Light.” Get together as often as you like to share your learnings and encourage each other to look within and be open to all the answers. Send us photos of your Circles of Light and we will publish them in our newsletter!

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