The Moon & Me

moon-and-me-full-moon-imageThe moon has a powerful effect on you: On how you think, feel and act.

The Moon & Me is a guide to raise your awareness to your own connection to the moon. Its guided wisdom and insights enable you to better understand the effects of the moon pulling at you emotionally and mentally. As you experience this guidance, you raise your self-understanding and start connecting the dots and knowing why things are happening the way they are. This shifts your awareness to better serve you.

The Moon & Me is the secret weapon to riding and loving the wave of life amidst the emotional drama. It is that insightful.

When you join ‘The Moon & Me’ membership you receive ‘The Moon & Me’ by Vanda twice each month: once at the Full Moon and once at the New Moon. There is so much love and wisdom here for you. Click HERE to see an example of The Moon & Me.