Circles of Light

The Magic is in the Sharing and Celebrating

You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. A journey that will give you the tools to release old belief systems, fears, and insecurities that are standing in the way of you getting what you most want in your life.

The journey is worth it; it is beautiful beyond your wildest imagination. But sometimes we need support along our way.

Circles of Light are groups specifically created to support you on your guided spiritual journey. You have the option to lead a Circle or just simply be part of one. We are starting Circles of Light in Atlanta at the Vanda Healing Center NOW, with Circles coming soon in other cities!

Vanda Healing Center in Atlanta 3209 Paces Ferry Place NW #10

Why be part of a Circle?

The fact is, there has been a significant difference between those who share their journeys and celebrate together, and those who journey by themselves. Either way works; choose what supports you.

How a Circle of Light works:

Each Circle of Light is led by a host or hostess. It is a personal choice, not a requirement, to be part of a Circle. Circles are encouraged to meet once a month: place, time and venue chosen and directed by the Circle leader.

Each Circle may be different in size; there is no right number of members for each group. It is what feels good and purposeful for each Circle Leader. A group of 5-10 people is a good Circle size.

Do You Want to be a Circle of Light Leader?

Circle of Light Leaders are self-starters who believe in their power and who desire to be a voice that will guide and inspire others. They lead from within themselves and empower others consciously, knowing that the journey of self-discovery unfolds differently for us all. Leaders will receive a manual with all the guidance needed to confidently lead your Circle of Light.


starter-pack1- Purchase a Starter Pack. Every member of a Circle of Light must purchase the Guided Spiritual Journey Starter Pack so everyone has the same materials. The Starter Pack includes a To Be A Woman 31 Essences Book, an Essence of Permission Signature WorQbook, and a To Be A Woman Journal all wrapped beautifully in a gorgeous organza bag.

Click HERE to Purchase the Starter Pack

2A- Email or call her at (770) 616-3820 with your full name, phone number, city, and email address to learn more about leading or joining a Circle of Light and to get started!

2B- FOR BUSINESSWOMEN: Email Lisa@ToBeAWoman.CO to learn more about starting a Circle at your company or for your organization!

Love and Light to You on Your Journey,

Vanda Teixeira Signature