Awaken Your Full Career Potential

United Nations Women's EmpowermentTo Be A Woman  was Invited to The United Nations & Noted as a STAND OUT Program

Women of Business, I Invite You…

To Raise your power and influence & rise to the highest levels of leadership by:

  • Raising your wisdom to the internal barriers that are blocking & sabotaging you
  • Guiding you to identify and overcome these blocks 
  • Unlocking the true extent of your personal power: it’s greater than you ever imagined

For women who are ready to get everything they want. To be influential, powerful, respected, and celebrated. To feel valued, supported, and appreciated. To be happy and successful.

It’s Time.

There is a substantial difference in the level of advancement, prosperity, and true happiness of business women who look within themselves for the keys to true leadership power, and the business women who don’t. It’s time for women to look within.

Does your company have a women’s initiative? 

The To Be A Woman monthly guided journey complements and accelerates every other women’s initiative; it dramatically improves the results of your gender-equity programs.

We help women rise up in leadership in collaboration with men, while remaining true to who they are, to achieve global transformation.

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Vanda Teixeira, Founder & CEO                        Lisa Petrilli, Chief Operating & Marketing Officer